Futhark Divination: Skjebne Casting Circle

Time to share the Futhark casting method I've been using for years. It's based on the "old ways" of Rune divination techniques, presented by Igor Warneck in one of his books (unavailable in english). Skjebne is a scandinavian word for fate. The Skjebne Circle is meant to be used with Elder Futhark.

My personal Skjebne cloth

Here's what it looks like:

First you'll need to create your own board/cloth (square, around 0.5 m x 0.5 m in width and length). You can use paper, cloth, wood - whatever you prefer and then draw/sew/carve the Casting Circle maintaining the proportions from the picture above. If you're performing divination outside, you can just draw it on the ground.
Note: All the elements and Rune names are written around the circle for demonstration only, they're not part of the actual board/cloth.

1. The small inner circle is called skjebne. It represents soul, spirituality etc. 
2. The next circle is called outer-skjebne. It represents emotional and intellectual level of existence.
3. Finally, the most outer circle divided into four domains is optional.
 These four domains represent the material level of existence. You can either place four elements there (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) or four runes representing those elements (this technique is more advanced) OR you can name them as follows: Family (instead of Air), Abundance (instead of Fire), Success (instead of Water) and Health (instead of Earth) - this is for newbies.

1. Prepare yourself the same way you normally would before divination.
2. Focus your intention on the question/dillema and draw 9 Runes from the sack (or whatever you store your Runes in). Don't put the Runes away, hold them in your hands while drawing. Once you draw 9, close your hands with Runes inside and focus your intention on them.
3. Throw Runes on the Skjebne Circle with a gentle motion. But not too gentle - use just enough power to let the Runes spread around the board. (It requires a bit of practice if you never cast before but you'll get it after a few tries.)

This step can seem a bit complicated at first but it'll get easier once you memorize it.

(An examplary arrangement of runes and guidelines: Explained below)

Once our Runes are cast we will separate them into three spheres (3 Runes each). I'll give you two examples of the spheres you can use but feel free to create your own variations, better suited for your specific needs.

1. "Current Situation" / "The Past" 
Now you want to pick first three Runes. In your mind draw a line from the center of the board up (like 12 o'clock). If there's a Rune on that line - that's your first Rune. If not, going clockwise pick the nearest Rune to the line. Then count the next Runes to three - the 3rd Rune is your next. Repeat the counting once again to get your set of 3 Runes for "Current Situation" or "The Past" interpretation. (So, those are gonna be the 1st, 4th and 7th Rune, going clockwise). Once you interpret them, you can remove them from the board and move on.

2. "Material Sphere" / "The Present"
In this step you want to pick your next three Runes to interpret the "Material Sphere" or "The Present". In your mind draw a line from the center of the board down (like 6 o'clock). Going clockwise, count to two to pick every second Rune. Once you interpret them you can remove them from the board.

3. "Relationships, Emotions, Sex" / "The Future"
Now that you've got only three Runes left on the board you don't need to count and pick anything - you just interpret them concerning "Relationships, Emotions, Sex" or "The Future".

How to interpret the Runes depending on where and how they're placed on the board:
1. If the Rune is placed in the inner skjebne, it has to do with the spiritual level of the situation.
2. If the Rune is placed in the outer skjebne, it has to do with the emotional and/or mental level.
3. If the Rune is placed in one of the four domains, in addition to the Rune's meaning you add the meaning of the element/Rune specific for the domain it's placed in. It represents the material sphere.
4. If the Rune is upside-down, this means that the person whom it concerns is not aware of that aspect of the situation.
5. If 2 or more Runes are touching eachother it means that their meanings are somehow connected.

Hope you found this method of Rune casting interesting. Let me know if you plan to try it out! If anything's unclear or you've got trouble understanding any part of the process, let me know and I'll try to explain it as best as I can.


  1. This looks wonderful, and I will try it out, though I need to find a good way to make the circle first. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Glad you like it! Let me know when you make the circle and try it - I'm curious about your thoughts :)


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