Get yourself started on shadow work: #ShadowWorkOctober

#ShadowWorkOctober first came to be in 2015. The idea behind it was to create a tool that anyone can use at home to explore their psyche and subconscious and gain a general understanding of their shadow aspects. This is why the first edition of #ShadowWorkOctober is a great place to start your shadow work journey. And no, it doesn't have to be in October!

Originally, it was designed to use in conjunction with tarot (or other divinatory systems), but it can also be easily modified to be successfully used as a list of journaling prompts for you to explore and write about.

#ShadowWorkOctober list of prompts and spreads.

It is advised to take a look at one prompt per day. Sit with it, think about it, lay your cards if you wish and then journal about it. Journaling is an important part of shadow work - writing things down helps you to organize them in your mind and confront your thoughts. And let's not forget about its therapeutic value.

#ShadowWorkOctober Tarot Spreads

Hero's Journey Spread (© Xiao Rong)

1. The Hero - Who are you at the beginning of your journey?
2. The Quest - What is the conscious purpose of your journey?
3. Refusal of the Call - The reason why you're afraid of to seek out what you desire
4. The Guide - Who/what will guide you on your journey
5. Road of Trials - The lessons for you to learn; what you need to go through
6. The Dragon - Your greatest obstacle to overcome
7. Death - What you have to leave behind?
8. New Knowledge - What new wisdom and power you will obtain on your journey?
9. Boon - What you will take back with you to share with others
10. The Hero Returned - Who you come back as from the journey?

Id - Ego - Superego Spread (© Mnomquah)

1. Id - primal desires, your "wild child".
2. Ego - your practical, "grown up" self, reason and self-control.
3. Superego - your philosophical and spiritual ideals, the "Quest for Perfection".

Shadow Work Spread (© Xiao Rong)

1. The Light - what you know and accept about yourself.
2. The Shadow - what is hidden from you about yourself.
3. Why you fear your Shadow - what is preventing you from seeing or accepting your Shadow.
4. Why you should embrace your Shadow - what are the positive sides of the Shadow that would benefit you.
5. How to integrate the Shadow into the Light - what steps you should take in order to accept your Shadow.
6. The Outcome - the possibilities if you succeed in bringing the Shadow into the Light.

If you would like to know more about mandalas and why I decided to incorporate them into this challege, I highly recommend this article: Archetype of Wholeness: Jung and the Mandala.

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