Exploring Creativity with The Fool and #CreateThisOracleDeck + Free Digital Copy of my Oracle

Oh, March, you beautiful month, you. What better month to jump into creative endeavors than March, when The Wheel of The Year turns towards Spring and my card of the month is The Fool! After a rather heavy February I welcomed March like it was salvation - and it certainly turned out to be the case. This month definitely felt like a new chapter, with its fresh vibe of playfulness and adventure, getting my hands dirty with watercolors and basically not being too anal about what I let out into the world. Feels good, man.

A huge part of why March turned out to be such an awesome month for me was #CreateThisOracleDeck challenge hosted by Kristen from Over The Moon Oracle Cards. I had no idea how much I missed creating stuff on paper. This experience opened something up inside me, it rejuvenated me and reminded me what it felt like to draw and paint regularly - the last time I was doing that was in my teens, *cough cough* well over a decade ago. I definitely recommend trying this stuff out - it has a high therapeutic and anti-stress value, helps to connect with our Inner Child and blasts the gates of creativity wide open. If you would like to do this challenge at your own pace, Kristen prepared a free course which will help you go through the process of creating your first deck. Or you can just follow the list of prompts provided on Kristen's IG.

All this drawing and painting got me thinking. This is precisely why art therapy is so effective, because it brings things up and makes things surface effortlessly. The goal is not to be too concerned about how things turn out, but to let go, to not be afraid of getting dirty, to let the magic happen "on its own" - that's when we open ourselves up to specific parts of our subconscious.

The Inner Child is what comes to mind straight away. Particularly, letting go of control and allowing ourselves to create freely is what helps us heal this part of our psyche. Art is an excellent tool for that because it's extremely gentle - it doesn't require us to name things, to name the wounds, fears, traumas that our Inner Child might bear. Art doesn't ask difficult questions that the Child cannot possibly answer. Art creates safe space for the Child to open up and pour her heart onto paper without judgement.

The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you like the green seed from the dark earth.
- C. G. Jung, Liber Novus (The Red Book)

Another thing that caught my attention are colors - the ones that we reach for in our art most often, the color of clothes we prefer to wear, the color of our favorite mug or home decor. These colors feel familiar, safe, they are somewhat representative of what kind of vibe we want to upkeep in our lives. Then there are these colors that we might not mind but we wouldn't wear them or won't use in our art too much, sometimes without really giving it much thought or perhaps without even realizing that we're avoiding said colors. This topic caught my attention during the creation of my deck - at some point I've noticed that there are certain colors that I used very often and some are completely or almost completely missing from the deck. It's not that my goal was to create a rainbow but I didn't have a set palette of colors that I wanted to use exclusively either.

I started digging to find out why I avoided some of the colors. As I mentioned above, the colors we choose to surround ourselves with correlate with how we feel and what we identify with. Accordingly, the colors we avoid are things we don't want to align ourselves with, sometimes for a good and healthy reason, but other times it might be representative of the aspects that need some internal work - fears, insecurities, prejudice, self-esteem or self-image issues. Now that I think about it, it reminded me of The Color Mage Oracle which would probably be perfect for delving into color symbolism and magick. But I also think it's priceless to form our personal understanding of symbology of colors to make sure we're not looking at the finger but at the actual thing it's pointing at. And the best way to do that is probably through art.

Is color work the new shadow work? Certainly not - but it might be very useful in the process. Since I'm in The Fool vibe this month, I've decided to experiment with colors and see what happens. Because I want results to be tangible and visible in the outside world, I went for experimenting with the colors of my clothing - got myself some yellow, green, orange dresses and skirts. These three colors are probably avoided by me most often. It is funny how that creates this huge gap between earthy colors (black, all kinds of browns, reds) and "airy" colors (blues, purples, white) - and the gap happens to consist of all the colors of passion, openness and love, which should be quite fucking important, am I right?

So far, as soon as it got really sunny (we're finally entering into a real Spring weather-wise), I put my yellow skirt on. She's the kind of really bright yellow that's in your face, so that happened to draw a lot of attention which I found to be quite amusing. Yellow is the color of openness. I definitely felt more open and confident (I'm usually confident anyway!) and acted much more assertively where I would sometimes lack assertiveness - towards people who are "above me", like my boss etc. I felt like a lioness and like I finally got enough balls to change some thing that needed my attention for some time. Screw "what if's" - if the current situation is far from ideal then I shouldn't stick to it at all cost purely because it's a safe substitute for what I actually want. This experimenting with colors is bringing some good stuff into my life so far, looking forward to what's going to happen next.

Now, let's talk a little bit about the art itself. Every card was created using Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box (36 colors), a set of Micron Pens and a medium-sized waterbrush. Thanks to this challenge, I know that I want to continue painting, so I invested in actual, more professional watercolor brushes - wish I had them earlier, the art would look so much better! Being consistent with creating a card each morning gave me a sense of much needed structure and reassurance that I can commit and finish a project - I just need to be really into it. Also, being able to compare my cards and my understanding of certain concepts with others was quite refreshing, I could feel the creative juices flowing and some of the cards turned out to be thought-provoking.

I also have to mention that I wasn't this much involved in a community in a while. I got to know some amazing human beings, I got to talk to people a lot, exchange thoughts and visions. It's been great but also challenging at times. I'm certainly not used to getting so much attention, so many comments and all that social media jazz. When there's two people to reply to and talk to, it feels good but when I woke up to 30 new comments I wouldn't reply to any because it felt like way too much. I am introverted and seeing so much attention makes me feel drained instantly - that's just the way it is.

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All in all, I've got nothing but awesome things to say about this whole experience! I'm thankful for being able to be a part of it and - as my "thank you" to everyone - I am sharing my deck in a digital form with everyone for free. It might not be the best quality on Earth as I do not own a professional grade scanner, but I did all I possibly could to make it look as good as possible. You can print it at home or through one of the sites where you can order a custom deck with the images you upload. The only thing I ask for is not to use my images for anything other than personal use - do not use it commercially, do not claim it as your own, do not make money out of it in any way, shape or form, do not use it as stock images for your art projects (be it digital or traditional art).

Download the deck for free HERE. 

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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing your Create This Oracle Deck deck and your deck adventures and musings along the way. So glad you included your art tools as people as about the art process. And your self-discovery process with colors is fascinating. It's funny how we tend to choose the same colors over and over even when we try to keep things random. I'm including a link to this post in the course material!



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