#TarotThursdayThree: 26/01/2017

Damn, weeks just seem to fly by, especially when I get sick. I'm much better than I was this time last week, thank you very much. But! I promised myself that I'm going to write at least one blog post in between each of these #TarotThursdayThrees and so far it doesn't seem like it's happening - there's always something preventing me from having quality free time.
To be fair, I currently have a few work-in-progress articles, but my problem is that instead of working on and finishing one, I've got around four somewhere in the middle. Ah well, at least one will be published before the end of January - and it's going to be a new series, tied to the Year Ahead reading.

Alright, let's get rolling!

1. What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets!
To be fair, I can't recall giving my first in-person reading. If we're talking specifically about tarot here then it must've been either for my mom or for a close friend - they're usually the two most open-minded and curious people when it comes to my experiments with the Spirit, plus they already received many rune readings from me in the past. What I do remember is that at the beginning of my tarot adventure I found it hard to find the right words to describe what I was seeing with satisfactory precision, so my first readings for others must've reflected that. While runes always gave me very clear and straigh-forward messages that couldn't be mistaken for anything else, I found that for me tarot is very much a word game, where semantics is everything. It's not enough to know what a certain concept means to you - you need to steer wisely to investigate what it means to someone else to be able to give adequate advice. Of course, this depends on how one views tarot. As I mention here, for me tarot is very much a tool based on human psychology and is treated by me as such.

2. Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back?
I never had a negative response to a reading I gave. I do know what it's like to get one, though! There was a rather short period of time when me and my friend offered tarot readings together - we functioned under one business name and chose which one of us was going to give a reading based on who felt more drawn to a specific query, unless the client had a preference. In some of the tougher cases we did our readings together, which was great. We also supervised each other to ensure that 1) the readings we gave were always top quality, 2) we stayed balanced, healthy and not overwhelmed or drained by it.

Either way, there was this one lady who my friend did a reading for. It was a really tough one - a lot of shadows surfaced, and where the lady tried to blame outside sources for her misfortunes, it turned out it was her behaviors that kept her miserable. The reading turned out to be very profound but probably the harder to digest because of it. Sadly, our client was not exactly ready to hear what she heard and her response was very negative. Just as she blamed her misfortunes on the outside, this time she blamed the reader for projecting things onto her that were not at all her traits. I don't remember how it all ended but I do remember feeling sorry for my friend, and for the lady in a way.

It's important to mention that in Poland people are not used to getting high quality readings or counselling sessions with tarot. The stereotype of a gypsy fortune teller prevails. People get tarot readings either for fun or to hear some reassuring things about their future. Nobody takes it seriously because nobody knows what exactly tarot can be used for. In a country where most people are Catholic (at least on paper) and any alternative approach to spirituality is a spawn of Satan (or taken to the opposite, wowoo-channeling-angelkin-reptilian extreme), not many serious conversations can be had about these things. This is directly reflective of the kinds of queries we received from our clients as well as the responses to our readings, especially if it didn't turn out to be all fluff and bright future ahead. So yeah, we stopped offering readings after a few months, mostly because the clientele was not exactly up our alley.

3. Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like?
Well. I do challenge myself on a regular basis, to make sure I don't float off somewhere strange. And my partner also challenges me quite regularly - he's not a fan of tarot. He's more of a Futhark guy. We often have the most productive, challenging conversations about tarot vs Futhark which always bring something new to my understanding of both of the systems. We're both pagan and we share a similar understanding of the runes, though he's much better at naming what it is that makes this system so special for us, and what makes him dislike tarot. He once said that if wild nature could come up with a language / alphabet it would be Futhark. It's just simple staves and yet there's something so profound and ancient behind them, a language describing all of the natural, human and divine experience, doing so in a way that could not possibly be more simple and yet could not be more complex. 
Tarot, at the other hand, is a set of archetypes that relate specifically to the human condition, hence it's a tool for deepening one's understanding of the psyche - both conscious and unconscious, personal and collective - but always human. My partner dislikes tarot (and I love it) precisely because it's so psychological and analytical - and he hates that shit!
It would probably be harder for me to have a conversation with a skeptic if I viewed tarot differently. With my approach to tarot, the worst thing that can possibly come up in a conversation with a skeptic is that tarot is not a tool for everyone. Which is true! I don't expect everyone to understand why I find tarot useful, which is why I don't talk about it with those that won't want to understand.

Hope you enjoyed my answers to this week's #TarotThursdayThree! Anything caught your attention? Let's discuss it!


  1. I definitely feel for your partner - my two "difficult" reading experiences were with very similar people to the woman you describe here. But perspective and compassion are important. I hope your friend didn't take it too hard.

  2. Okay so it's not just me who feels like time is speedy! Lol

    And me and my partner have different views on things too and that's okay. As long as everyone remains open and respectful, differences can be good :)

  3. I love the way you talk about the Futhark :) very cool.

    I also like to think of tarot as a psychological tool, though I do consider it as part of my spiritual arsenal for sure.

    That was an interesting business story, as well. Thanks for sharing. I love reading about how things are viewed/done in others countries.

  4. Same here in Sweden, most tarot readers are tie-dye wearing fortune-tellers who just want to talk about how you'll "meet a tall dark stranger" sigh... People get very confused when I bring up more psychological and counseling readings. I'm this will change in the future though.

    Much love,


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